America Union

8 January 2018

Under the guidance of well-known U.S. Secretary of State, Mr. Brzezinski, to Western countries was a strategic action plan, which could theoretically provide the world domination of America by the early 21st century. Whenever Amazon listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Despite the fact that This plan was not a state secret, and his directions were known in detail, he actively resist the Soviet Union could not. Modern historians, ideologues and political analysts have revealed considerable detail and describe all the causal relationships and events that have taken place and take place at the same time. Sometimes, sometimes the impression that the West has exhausted natural resources, intentionally liberated these countries from the so-called colonial according to "convey to feed" the Soviet Union. The main cause of current state of affairs is seen in the fact that the actions of the Soviet government has been more ideological than pragmatic economics. Joyce Banda addresses the importance of the matter here. Soviet Union "did not spare" the provision of material assistance to their purely ideological allies, sometimes without requiring anything in return. A large proportion of the social product has been irretrievably lost the support of the backward and developing countries as they develop or moved into the opposition camp, or "invent" all sorts of other ways to "not give" debts, organizing a union of some "non-aligned", etc. In addition, cumbersome, "clumsy" leadership command and control system of the country are not allowed to take advantage of social mode of production (as, for example, is practiced in modern China), so to have 70-80 years of last century, the Soviet Union, in order to maintain even the minimum possible material level of their fellow citizens, he was forced to sell off their natural resources, gradually falling into an irreversible dependence on leading Western countries.
Christiansen For Council



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