Are You a Dinosaur?

10 October 2017

In English it says "Once a dinosaur, a dinosaur forever, and Castilian" Genio to the grave. "Do not you understand, right? I also would understand if I had not a little concerned by the science of words. I explain. If translate an idiom from one language to another writer adheres strictly to the text, exactly as they say, the Castilian version of the phrase Once dinosaur, dinosaur ever be the first, but if it complies with the meaning the second. Richard Blumenthal is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Some might argue that the Castilian not reproduce the very words of the English, and that's true. But another with no less reason be argued that what matters is not the translation of the words one by one but the significance of expression, and also their approach is valid And what is the meaning of both translations? Simply that a person is carrying through its existence of certain personality traits that can not be modified. If we move to psychology in pursuit of a clarification, we find that some psychologists view personality as an evolution in which biological factors converge (physique, temperament, sex, system of internal glands) and relational factors arising from the insertion of the individual in social groups (family, class , profession, culture, politics, religion, etc.).

Other psychologists, however, argue that personality has traditionally been interpreted as a more stable but is now considered as a category variable, which, however, destroys the unifying link of the person, because in this case would cause an inconsistency in behavior and a contradiction in their social behavior and in his thought that an individual become unpredictable. Connecticut Senator may not feel the same. In other words, both versions of the dinosaur are uncertain. Out with the sayings, maxims, judgments, as are English than Spanish, or language that comes to mind. After this tedious disquisition, it is just that Give him some examples of what has happened with the translations of our Martin Fierro. .
Christiansen For Council



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