Legal Aspects Of Contract Drafting

10 January 2018

In developing the text of the treaty must be considered significant, and other conditions stipulated by law for contracts of this kind, therefore, preparation of contracts - an activity which requires high skills and extensive experience in the legal profession. Under a lease (tenancy) the landlord (lessor) is obligated to transfer to the lessee (tenant) for certain property set in the contract fee temporary possession and use or for temporary use. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. Revenues, benefits and products derived from the use of the lessee of the leased property if the contract does not stipulate a different procedure is property of the tenant. Additionally, this concept is disclosed stae title owner of the property this way, the lease is part of the treaties governing the relations between the transfer of property for temporary use. Unlike contracts for the transfer of property ownership in the lease contract does not involve changing the owner's title and, therefore, from an economic point of view, he draws up a relationship of exchange of goods, with which the commodity is not a thing and the right to use it. Property under such contract shall be transferred to the lessee only for the use or possession and use simultaneously.

In the first case the tenant does not acquire title owner of the leased property, and the second becomes the owner of the title with the appropriate legal consequences. These effects are determined by the qualities of proprietary ownership categories, allowing of obligation to distribute to its legal nature of proprietary leases protection under the provisions of Art. 305 Civil Code. In drawing up the lease should be aware that certain law concept of the contract allows the use of any of the two proposed options for the legislator - "rent" or "property lease." At the same time it should be noted that the term rent is used to denote a types of contracts on transfer of property for use, such as tenancy agreement, which does not belong to the group leases. Accordingly, the term "rent" has a narrow meaning when used as synonym of the lease, and widespread - when means other types of contracts on transfer of property for use. In accordance with the general provisions of the lease does not apply to these types of contracts.
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