National Politics

15 January 2018

On the other hand, its falling of trees of disordered form can generate ecological disequilibrium, a time that, also serves of habitat for diverse animals and insects, causes the assoreamento of the rivers, therefore the falling of trees of the Taboca leaves the edges of the forsaken rivers and with passing of the time they are razos, what it causes to scarcity of fish or the migration of the same ones for another place with bigger protection. Finally, ahead of the facts that if lead, that if it concluded, with the referring research, was that to brighten up such existing problems in the city of Saint Antonio of the Tau, in result of the extration of the Taboca, if it makes necessary a participativa ambient management between the governmental bodies, of the city and the created community through the communitarian leaderships or associations to take care of such questions, in order if it creates efficient actions for the protection of this vegetable originating with this the wakening of awareness and the correct use of the Taboca. Brazil BIBLIOGRAPHY. Law N. 6,938, of 31 of August of 1981. It makes use on the National Politics of Environment, its ends and mechanisms of formularization and application and the others it provides.

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